The shops are located in rural villages of Africa

Additional entertainment services are also available to our customers via TV or large screen video broadcasts.

Each store is equipped with a fridge and a freezer, allowing the operator to sell a large range of essential products and / or cold drinks and ice cream, while maintaining the cold chain. All products and services are managed by a state-of-the-art internet-based cash register. Power is supplied by the national provider (CIE) when available and a system of solar panels completed by batteries.


Baobab's unique and innovative concept is based on the deployment of Multiservice Shops in rural villages in Africa. Designed to be managed by women and youth associations in remote villages without any or very poor Internet coverage, our social shops are equipped with all the latest technology required for their development.

A high-speed (satellite based) internet access system including a Wi-Fi hotspot makes it possible to offer punctual or permanent internet access at very low cost while giving the shop operator the possibility of offering numerous services requiring connectivity. such as money transfer, sports betting, Wikipedia consultation, E-Learning, etc ... just to name a few.

Wifi allows village students to visit the Internet on their tablets

Our mission

Our mission is to develop the first network of independent multiservice shops in rural areas to offer people quality services similar to those offered in urban centers.


Our values

- Integrity :

Honesty and transparency are our key values. We are committed to providing information to our employees, franchisees and investors as soon as possible. We also encourage challenges to improve all our procedures or business processes in a spirit of fair trade.

- Compliance with commitments :

We attach paramount importance to ethics and the respect of our commitments to our partners. This fundamental value is the only guarantee of the sustainability of our relations both with our suppliers and with our franchisees and our employees.

- Excellence :

We are committed to consistently improving our performance to exceed the expectations of our franchise customers and investors. We reward our employees for improving the quality of our services and reducing operating costs.


Our goals

We transparently communicate our goals to our employees, franchise partners, suppliers and investors.

We continuously measure our results against our objectives and our intention is to react immediately to improve our strategy based on external events, information, opportunities or threats.

Our goal is therefore to seek to consistently exceed / surpass our original goals.