Our business model relies on the revenues generated by selling advertising spaces in and around our stores. Our partners indeed have the opportunity to display their brands.

All BBS stores are located in the heart of the villages and become the meeting spot for all kind of social activities. Our partners also have the possibility to organize trade marketing events on spot. For this purpose, a professional projector + loudspeaker + big screen are available.

For any further information, you can contact directly our partner, in charge of marketing all advertising spaces of BAOBAB Shops.

Agence SIGNS
01 BP 10375 Abidjan 01 - Ivory Coast
Email :
Contacts :
Miss Jennifer LIVERSAIN : (+225) 57 66 49 36
Miss Emilie HENAFF : (+225) 78 22 06 83


Outer surface = 2 panels of 298x240 cm and 1 panel of 600x240 cm

Render simulation:
Outdoor surface of Baobab social shop for advertising - Ivory Coast Outdoor advertising space of the Baobab social shop in rural Africa

Example of rendering an installed exterior surface:
Surface extérieure de la boutique sociale Baobab pour la publicité - Côte d'Ivoire


Inside surface = 4 streamers

Render simulation:
Interior surface of Baobab shops for advertising - Banners - Ivory Coast Indoor advertising space of Baobab shops in rural Africa

Example of rendering an installed interior surface:
Surface intérieure des boutiques Baobab pour la publicité - Banderoles - Côte d'Ivoire


Terrace: Branding tables chairs / umbrellas

Outdoor advertising pitches - Terrace Boutique Sociale Baobab Outdoor Advertising Locations - Branding Terrace Social Boutique Baobab Outdoor advertising space, umbrellas - Branding Terrace Social Boutique Baobab in Africa