About us ?

Our team is a strong supporter for African’s development through IT and social projects. We believe in the strength and capacity of its population to achieve economic emergence.

The Baobab team has a wonderful combination of global and international skills. Our combined experiences in terms distribution network, management, human resources and new technologies, makes us your partner of reference.


To contact us

Headquarters: Centre commercial Louis Panis - rue des Jardins - II Plateaux Vallons
Tel. : +225 22 41 32 54 - +225 01 07 01 10 - +225 53 17 53 17
Email : info@baobab-bs.com


Jeoffrey Woods, Co-founder of Baobab boutique sociale
Co-Founder - in charge of development

Jeoffrey WOODS

With more than 20 years of international experience and in Ivory Coast in particular, Jeoffrey founded the companies ALTEA (SS2I specialized in computer and software integration in the sectors of Health and Education) and INTERSAT ( Internet Provider via satellite for rural areas in Africa). Today, Jeoffrey's expertise makes it possible to set up the first network of franchised social shops in West Africa.



Philippe TINTIGNAC, Co-founder of Baobab boutique sociale
Co-Founder in charge of IT


After 20 years at the head of a French group in ICT, Philippe created in 2005 the Afrique Telecom company dedicated to the African continent and specialized in satellite telecommunications. The innovations brought by the company Afrique Telecom in this sector of telecommunications have earned the recognition of the profession by many distinctions. Philippe is also Honorary Consul of Ivory Coast in France since December 2017.

Virginie TINTIGNAC, Co-founder of Baobab boutique sociale
Co-Founder in charge of Administration and Finances


With more than 20 years in the administrative management of companies, Virginie is the co-founder of the company Afrique Telecom, which she has been managing and marketing since the creation in 2005. Her multi-sectoral skills also lead her to ensure the development commercial group in the English-speaking area.

Operational team

Kayla ALEOUI, Operations Manager of Baobab boutique sociale
Operations Manager


Kayla is in charge of operational management. She supervises relations with the Women and Youth Associations of the villages who are the operators of the Social Shops. She also ensures that kiosks are well maintained and keeps an eye the logistics chain.



Félix BLEA, Responsible for security and institutional relations of Baobab boutique sociale
Responsible for security and institutional relations

Félix BLEA

Former police commissioner, Félix is in charge of security issues and relations with the village and prefectural authorities in our BBS network.